Need to escape the madness of CMA Fest or Bonnaroo for a Bite To Eat?

It’s a party at the register

Locals know that this weekend in Music City is going to be crazy. Some folks may be in town to visit for CMA Fest and many more driving through to hit the fields of Bonnaroo. The City and the State are feeding the ear with Music. How about you let local dining spots feed your hunger. Here are our five to try while in town:

Terminal Cafe– Yup, we’re bias because we’ve recently done a giveaway with them. Then the fact they have the Be-Hive Seitan that helps us keep plant based as much as possible. For you meat eaters they have wonderful options as well. The coffee is great if you are hitting here for a breakfast or brunch. If you are at Terminal and leaving past 1pm hit KoKos Vegan Ice Cream a couple doors down for a sweet treat. 733 Porter Rd, Nashville, TN 37206. Wednesday 7AM–5PM Thursday 7AM–5PM Friday 7AM–5PM Saturday 8AM–2PM Sunday 8AM-2PM. About normal coffee house pricing but with a non pretentious attitude, fun staff and better food. 

Peg Leg Porker– Yes, I just suggested a place that had vegan options. This place does not. Personally it’s our favorite BBQ when we fall off the wagon and allow a cheat day. Carey Bringle (Owner & recently seen on Netflix’s Ugly Delicious) and crew have made a great BBQ joint in the center of town that is far enough away from the mess of CMA Fest but close enough you can jump back in when ready. Not to mention, it’s dang good BBQ. 903 Gleaves St, Nashville, TN 37203 Wednesday 11AM–10PM Thursday 11AM–10PM Friday 11AM–10PM Saturday 11AM–10PM. I would say getting out of here paying $15-$20 means you ate well.

Carniceria Y Taqueria Don Juan- If you read our social media or have been here before you have heard us talk about this place. Recently a local real estate company posted a “Essential Taco Trail” list of Nashville. Not only were none of the shops owned by a hispanic owners. None of them are in the history and traditions of Mexico. You can not say that about Carniceria Y Taqueria Don Juan. Not only does Carniceria Y Taqueria Don Juan have a fantastic butcher shop (Carniceria) above the Taco Shop (Taqueria). They also have done it with making changes for Vegan types like us. They did it without losing any of the fantastic taste they brought across the border. If you have a better spot let us know. 2910 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. Wednesday 11AM–9PM Thursday 11AM–9PM Friday 11AM–10PM Saturday 11AM–10PM. This place is very inexpensive.

Prince’s Hot Chicken-Total disclosure, we’re bias about Hot Chicken. When we arrived to work in Nashville Radio in the early 2000s this was it. This was the place we were treated to and there was no going back if you wanted poultry of the hurtful variety. We’re weird as if we eat chicken Hot Chicken is not our favorite but of those that do it, Prince’s is our choice. Followed by Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish. Those are the two. Skip the lines of recent pop-ups and try the people who have done it for a long time. Prince’s Hot Chicken: 123 Ewing Dr #3, Nashville, TN 37207. Wednesday 11:30AM–11:30PM Thursday 11:30AM–11:30PM Friday 11:30AM–4AM Saturday 2PM–4AM. There is a South location but this is the one I went to long ago. The prices are just right and worth every penny.

Monell’s Dining and Catering- Friends from Chicago came to visit us so we had to take them to our Chicken Spot. Sure, it’s not hot. Didn’t matter. It was Sunday. Our table mates arrived from Churches and Clubs. Nashville all in one table enjoying the food of our southern history. Differing backgrounds both racial, socioeconomic and even region. It was a blast. Let’s be honest, the Chicken and biscuits at Monell’s are why I came but I keep coming back for the sides. Worth it if you are willing to relax while you wait. Grab a coffee and grab a spot to wait for a great Nashville meal. 2601, 1235 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208. Wednesday 8AM–3PM, 5–8:30PM Thursday 8AM–3PM, 5–8:30PM Friday 8AM–3PM, 5–8:30PM Saturday 8AM–3PM, 5–8:30PM ALSO Saturday Night Midnight-3AM Sunday 8AM-4PM.

We hope you enjoy the city. Don’t forget to tag us what local spots you do try at #NashvilleBuyLocal on Instagram. You can also direct message us there or on Facebook.

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