13 Gifts For Father’s Day on Fatherland from Gift Horse Nashville!


Finding a Father’s Day gift for your Dad is easy. Head over to Fatherland and see Jess and the gang as they have a wonderful array of gifts. Here are 13ish we think would be great to receive (this is a subtle hint to my nine year old).

The Gifts

Classic Country Dad

Anything Dolly Parton. This is for the Dad that thinks this new country is nothing but hot garbage. Seriously this is a strong move even if your Dad doesn’t like Dolly Parton. She’s the Patron Saint of Tennessee and the gesture alone will have him teary eyed (To be sure play Coat of Many Colors or Hard Candy Christmas in the background when giving the gift). That said, what man doesn’t love Dolly.

Camping Dad

We’re assuming here since roughing it for us is choosing a more rural VRBO on vacation. That said, these shot glasses, cups, mugs and journal are making me need bug spray. They are sure to make that camping/off round dad feel the smell of the Pine Trees and sounds of nature as he unwraps the gift.

Rock and Roll Dad

These are fine books for the Dad who loves the night life of Nashville.

  • Honky Tonk Portrait of Country Music– Forty years after Henry Horenstein began documenting the country music scene in and around Nashville, his deep love for the music and its people continues. Having spent a lifetime around performers and fans, he has been granted access to both the high-glamour backstage of the Grand Ole Opry in its heyday of the 1970s and the rough-and-tumble dive bars that carry on the tradition today.Horenstein’s 120 black-and-white photographs from 1972 through 2011 capture the irrepressible spirit of an American institution as it has evolved over the years. Familiar stars including Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ralph Stanley, and Tammy Wynette are seen here alongside the familiar venues and enthusiastic fans that sustained them. Originally published in paperback form, this new edition is the definitive monograph of Horenstein’s beloved honky tonk photographs. 120 photographs.
  • Whiskey: A Spirited Story with 75 Classic and Original Cocktails- After decades of being seen as an old man’s drink, whiskey is booming in popularity.  Craft distilleries are popping up all over the United States, making whiskeys not just from corn, rye, and malted barley, but also from grains such as quinoa, blue corn, and triticale. Cocktail lovers, moving away from sweet and fruity flavor profiles, have embraced the earthy, bitter, savory notes that come from the “brown” spirits. In this collection, Shrubs author Michael Dietsch reaches out to those cocktail drinkers with recipes both classic and original, in historical order.
  • Whiskey: A Spirited Story with 75 Classic and Original Cocktails- From modern craft cocktails to old standbys, prepare to shake, stir, and just plain pour your way through some of the best wax ever pressed. Wickedly designed and featuring photography throughout, Booze & Vinyl is organized by mood, from Rock to Chill, Dance, and Seduce. Each entry has liner notes that underscore the album’s musical highlights and accompanying “Side A” and “Side B” cocktail recipes that complement the music’s mood, imagery in the lyrics, or connect the drink to the artist. This is your guide to a rich listening session for one, two, or more.Among the 70 featured albums are: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, Purple Rain, Sticky Fingers, Born To Run, License to Ill, Appetite for Destruction, Thriller, Like a Virgin, Low End Theory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Hotel California, Buena Vista Social Club, Back to Black, Pet Sounds, Vampire Weekend, and many more.
  • Rock Art: A Gig Poster Coloring Book- Imaginative and unique gig poster art to colorfully calm your mind…You’ve seen the concert and love the band, but it’s the quirky, original art of a gig poster that you really want. In Rock Art: A Gig Poster Coloring Book, two of today’s top gig poster artists, Boss Construction and Methane Studios, offer up a volume of their bewitching art for your coloring pleasure. They’ve done posters for some of the world’s most popular musical acts including The Dave Matthews Band, Ray Lamontagne, Tom Petty, Father John Misty, Luke Bryan, and many, many more, and now you can give their cutting edge art your own creative spin. Grab your colored pencils and markers, put on your favorite tunes, and chill out in the colorful world of gig poster art.
  • The Illustrated Art of Manliness: The Essential How-To Guide: Survival • Chivalry • Self-Defense • Style • Car Repair • And More!- Need we say more?
Retro Dad

Doesn’t matter if it’s classic cocktails or Soviet invention the Dad who is still living his best 1960s style life will love these books and recipes. Not to mention the cocktail towels and glassware is a great start for Dad. Maybe next year spring for the Conversation pit in the living room.

Father’s Day Cards

The cards from Gift Horse are next level. They have great cards for Dad and some for the Mom who had to also be Dad. Say “Thanks Dad” the best way possible. Say it with a gift and a card from Gift Horse Nashville!

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