Great Vinyl Selections for Dad on Father’s Day at The Groove Nashville!

Dad loves things that are classic and “only sound good on my record player.” The guys at The Groove Nashville got with us and here are some selections that every Dad could agree is worth spending time digging to find and adding to their collection.

God’s Favorite Customer by Father John Misty

We’ve listened to the title track so we can’t really review it for you. That said, we like the way that first track sounds and it is sure to make any fan of Joshua Tillman happy.

“Bleach” by Nirvana

29 Years ago today “Bleach” hit many of our hands and we had zero clue as to Nirvana was. Sure this was not the album that made them famous. A few of us who were fortunate enough to hear this in 1989 knew music was changing. The hair and make-up was going away and we learned how to spot the “Puget Sound” on the map. The Dad who loves 1990s rock will love this.

“Our Raw Heart” by Yob

Another great gift for the Dad who loves Rock. Yob brings the Doom Rock from Oregon to Music City with this well executed album. Not our speed but our friends who’ve enjoyed their work in the past tell us how great it is. Even after they had already told us. So, that should let you know your Metal loving Dad will enjoy this one.

Anything Jason Isbell

Sports writers, Song writers and everyone who’s lived within 80 miles of I-65 South of Louisville, Kentucky (What’s wrong with you Indiana) loves Jason Isbell. So much I am sure his Ryman date(s) will sell out in minutes today at 10am when they go on sale at That said, Dad would love any of these albums and they are available at The Groove. We’re partial to “Something More Than Free” because of “Speed Trap Town.”

Parallel Lines by Blondie

She’s Classic. The Album is Classic. The Music is Classic. If you don’t get this for Dad get it for yourself.

Anything by Liz Phair

If your Dad did go to college in the 1990s he’s definitely going to want all of these albums by Liz Phair.

Hyptonize- The Notorious B.I.G.

This beat bangs on this one. The 20th anniversary Edition release of Notorious B.I.G’s single Hypnotize. Originally released as the first single from his album Life After Death on March 1, 1997. It was the last song he released in his lifetime, as he was killed a week later. It was the fifth song by a credited artist to hit number one posthumously. It was ranked at number 30 on Rolling Stone’s 50 greatest rap songs of all time in hip hop history.

 Phantom Thread Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Totally our opinion but the movie had an odd plot. That said it was beautiful. One of the reasons it was so beautiful was Jonny Greenwood’s score. As elegant as the cinematography. This is going to delight the Father who prefers a night at the Schermerhorn over a bar.

Also, come join The Groove Nashville for the inaugural Mono Mingler. This is an evening with free beer (provided by Southern Grist Brewing Co), games, DJ Mele spinning and of course face to face fun. Leave that phone in your pocket and come enjoy old fashioned face time.

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