Why Haven’t You Tried Ousley Ouch, Nashville’s Homemade Salsa Company.

If you’re anything like us you use salsa as much as most use catchup. In fact Hot Sauce and Salsa may be our two favorite condiments. That’s where Ousley Ouch comes in. Their story in their own words:

Two decades ago, Ric and his sister Mona Ousley craved a salsa that they simply could not find anywhere.  So in true American fashion, they decided to make their own salsa.  After much experimenting and taste-testing, they finally created a salsa that perfectly piqued their palate.  They  take pride in their  salsa – its ingredients and their methods.  Ousley Ouch Salsa  has a thick and chunky texture which comes from the onions and jalapeno peppers which are diced by hand.  The jalapenos are grown locally on a farm in Nahville where at times the jalapenos are added to the batches within hours of picking.  Aside from the fresh onions and jalapenos, at least over a dozen herbs and spices are used to create the magical flavor that has family and friends saying, “Ouch!  I can’t stop eating!”

So where can you find this wonderful Salsa?

  • Mondays (First Monday of each month only) – Jeff Poppen CSA pick up, Melrose/Berry Hill 4-7 pm, 2610 Westwood, Dr. Nashville 37204
  • Tuesdays (First Tuesday of each month only) – the 12th and South Markert from 3-6 pm
  • Thursdays – the Vanderbilt Market from 3-6 pm
  • Fridays (First Friday of each month only) – Hip Donelson Farmers Market 4-7 pm


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