An Evening with Branford Marsalis Quartet at The Schermerhorn Symphony Center

It was a hot day in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I was visiting college campuses on a college tour when we decided to go to the record shop. on that hot August day in 1994 was when I really learned how much I loved listening to the music of Branford Marsalis and the Marsalis family. That was the day I purchased and devoured his new album, “Buckshot LeFonque.”

Having a musical genius, I don’t use that term lightly, like Branford Marsalis coming to play at the Schermerhorn is a treat. The most recent album “The Secrets Between the Shadow and the Soul” is fantastic and I can’t wait to hear “Cianna” played in the gorgeous space of the Schermerhorn:

Don’t miss this Jazz legend live and in person, Friday, June 7th.


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