Great Reads for Tweens for End of Summer! Our Kiddo gives her suggestions you can find at Parnassus Books.

It’s getting close to “Back to School” time and our kiddo is stepping up to get your young scholar ready for school with some great end of summer reading suggestions. Here are five-ish of her favorite reads she’s devoured this summer.

Share Your Smile by Raina Telgemeier

Have you ever thought about telling your own story, whether it be true or imagined? Are you interested in writing, drawing, or both? If the answers are yes, this fun, colorful, and the interactive journal is for you! With guidance from Raina herself, brainstorm ideas, make lists, paste in personal photos, and use your imagination like never before to create your own stories. For additional inspiration, special behind-the-scenes info from Raina’s own comics-making adventures is featured inside!

Is it an Accelerated Reader Book: No.

Why She Suggests this book: “I read the other books and loved them. This is about the making of those books that I loved.”

Morrigan Crow Book Series by Jessica Townsend

A breathtaking, enchanting new series by debut author Jessica Townsend, about a cursed girl who escapes death and finds herself in a magical world–but is then tested beyond her wildest imagination.

Is it an Accelerated Reader Book: Yes, “Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow” is an accelerated reader book as is “Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow.”

Why She Suggests this book: “I really like the trials in the series because they are exciting and adventurous. It’s like Harry Potter series. If you like that series you will like this one.”

Payback on Poplar Lane by Margaret Mincks

Twelve-year-old Peter Gronkowski prides himself on being a professional businessman. Tired of the clichéd lemonade stands that line his block, he decides to start a better business with the help of an intern. This is Book #1 and recently released is Book 2, President of Poplar Lane!

Is it an Accelerated Reader Book: Yes, “Payback on Poplar Lane’ is an accelerated reader book. “President of Poplar Lane” will soon be one.

Why She Suggests this book: “I like the twists and turns in the book. I also like how who is telling the story changes and you get to see how the other side of the tale looks from the other character.”

The Royal Rabbits of London Series by Santa Montefiore & Sebag Montefiore

Our reader has read all but the most recent book. In book one Shylo stumbles across a band of Ratzis and overhears their evil plan to take a photo of the Queen in her nightie. The coauthor is Simon Sebag Montefiore.

Is it an Accelerated Reader Book: Yes, The first book is an accelerated reader. Sadly, none of the others have been added to the database.

Why She Suggests this book: “I didn’t expect a little bunny who didn’t know anything would take me to London for an adventure. The story is really really fun to read. This is one of my favorite series because it’s more like a cartoon and the plot of book showed Shylo’s determination to be a Royal Rabbit and to save London.”

The Science of Breakable Things by Tae Keller

Middle-schooler Natalie’s yearlong assignment to answer a question using the scientific process leads to truths about her mother’s depression and her own cultural identity.

Is it an Accelerated Reader Book: Yes, The Science of Breakable Things is an accelerated Reader Book.

Why She Suggests this book: “It’s not like any story I’ve read recently. It’s more like a diary. What I liked about Natalie was she’s funny and she went through a lot of good and bad experiences in her life. I enjoyed her trying to figure out how to do the egg drop competition and getting into her Mom’s lab.”

All these books are currently for sale at Parnassus Books. Make sure to follow Parnassus on Facebook and Instagram. Visit their website to learn about author events in-store.

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