CaityPies Thanksgiving Order Information

Great Info from CaityPies in their  “THANKSGIVING FAQ:

• ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED VIA OUR WEBSITE CAITYPIES.COM. If you haven’t prepaid online and received a receipt, we haven’t received your order.

• We have 6 flavors of sweet pie which we are producing this year – see list in final picture of this post and on our website. We are also baking a Frankenpie (one slice of each flavor) and have Handpie boxes available with GF V options.

• We are NOT baking any savory pies for Thanksgiving or ANYTHING NOT ON THE THANKSGIVING MENU. (We will have savory for Christmas when it sells well). We have tracked sales from years of Thanksgiving now and are doing our best to provide what sells well and keep our options limited since we have a small team.

• We have three pick up options: Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, and Thursday AM. We will not be doing any early or late pick ups, please work with us here. We will be working harder than we have ever worked before, so please don’t rush us or expect us to stick around and miss our own holiday.

• We will also be selling pies on Wednesday/Thursday of Thanksgiving but they will be limited and FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, so please plan accordingly.

• Comment below if you have a question I haven’t answered! I will try to keep the information flowing! We also have pies by the slice of these flavors up at @citizenmarket so go try them if you’re debating your purchase!

We are thrilled with the amount of orders which have come in already. It’s truly mind blowing. We may need to hire extra holiday helpers, but we accept the challenge! @ Hunters Station.”

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