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Daniel from Poverty & The Arts

We love the Poverty & The Arts Features. This is Daniel: “POVA opens up new opportunities and the growth to express ourselves through the work we do. Art is about sharing our experiences.” -Daniel Daniel joined our Artist Collective in December 2018 and was homeless for 3 years before moving into Stadium Inn and then Casa Blanca Apartments in 2019. Daniel loves graphite, acrylic painting, and art in the gothic and renaissance periods. He has been making art for ten years and loves learning to express beauty through different mediums. His favorite part about art is to see people smile from one of his finished pieces. Daniel wants to give back with his art and hopes to use part of the income he generates by selling his artwork to create a nonprofit that would provide food and support for single-parent families. His past creative experiences include traveling the U.S. as a freelance artist experimenting with a range of genres from landscapes to personal portraits. Want to get involved with this fantastic organization click over to their website: povertyandthearts.org

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