Must-Try Eats of Kentucky! #NashvilleBuyLocalTravels

We’re not going to just hit the typical fine dining locations of Kentucky. To be fair, our best meals are often the less “fancy” dining in the Bluegrass state. Some you will have heard of but we have our own twists. So, let’s get started with our Must-Try Eats of the Commonwealth:

  1. Moonlite BBQ in Owensboro. This is weird for us to put on the list because technically we’re not a fan of Kentucky BBQ. Bbq Chopped Mutton is just not our thing. That said, the sides from the buffet bar are like visiting my spouse’s family from Kentucky. This is hands down the best sides bar we’ve ever had.

2. Dovie’s in Tompkinsville. Only thing you need to know this is going to be a common theme in Kentucky, small burger joints. This one is known for the question, Squozed or Unsquozed? The burgers sit on a flat top in about half an inch of soybean oil. Squozed means that you’d like to have your patty drained of all the excessive oil via spatula, and unsquozed with everything intact is the way to have it. A Must try once in your life.

3. 150 Quick Stop (Jake’s) in Bardstown. Yup, a gas station. Ask any local, or anyone visiting that has visited the truck stop and you’ll hear a common theme, go early and get a sausage biscuit. The food service counter at the Quick Stop isn’t your ordinary greasy spoon. For years, the 150 Quick Stop has been the home of Jake’s Fresh Country Sausage. Ground daily and seasoned with a secret recipe of red pepper, salt, sage, and who knows what else, Jake’s Country Sausage is some of the best processed meat south of the US/Canadian border.

4. Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez in Lexington. Bet y’all didn’t expect a Mexican place to make the best of Kentucky list. Well, sit down if you’re not already. The best tortillas outside of California and Texas en Estados Unidos can be found in Lexington, Kentucky. Not even hyping it too hard here. Even the Southern Foodways Alliance recognized the Ramirez family:

5. Great American Donuts in Bowling Green. So, Kentucky is serious about their Donut Trail but it’s lacking the “King” of Kentucky donuts in our humble opinion. Those who have attended or attend Western Kentucky University know the legend of the Taing family. Their donuts are delicious but their story is even more delicious. Everyday 🍩🍩🍩Great American Donuts 🍩🍩🍩 makes thousands of donuts by hand for our community. What the Taing family has built-in their community since 1989 is part of the American Dream. Hours of hard work but oh the final product is so worth it.

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