Even Carnivores agree, Avo is a great restaurant with great food.

The great thing about Nashville is we are not hurting for a great place to eat. From your Prince’s Hot Chicken, Silver Sands Cafe, Peg Leg Porker, Terminal Cafe and so on and so on. But, our Vegan or Plant Based friendly restaurants more than hold their own. In fact, (disclaimer we eat plant based 90% of the time) I would say a restaurant like Avo may be our favorite place to eat.
There is something about food that good and made with those wonderful ingredients.

As Avo says:

“Our goal at AVO, short for avocado, is to showcase a well-rounded dining experience for all by using a balanced approach to health.
​We source the finest plant-based ingredients in an effort to serve inventive, great tasting Food & Drinks in Music City.”
We know many of you are Plant Based/Vegan restaurant skeptic. Give it a try, it will surprise you.

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