It’s official for us. We endorse Slim and Husky’s “Nothin But a “V” Thang” as Nashville’s Best Pizza.

S&H takes pride in creating artisan pizzas from scratch. Their kitchens make the fresh dough (but don’t call them doughboy) and sauce daily. This includes the five house-made pizza sauces, seven finishing drizzles, and a variety of cream cheese flavors for the tasty cinnamon rolls.

BUT, for our money, their pièce de résistance is their Vegan Pizza, Nothin But a “V” Thang!

This delicious pizza made with Bean Ragu, Vegan Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Peppers, Oven Roasted Corn, and Spinach is our favorite pizza bite in all of the Music City! There is just something how these flavors blend to be a pizza that doesn’t make you feel bad after. You are getting lovely vegetables made by locals with the best in mind for the community. This is a vegan’s dream come true.

We know there will be arguments and all are valid. That said if you’ve ever looked for a vegan place to eat you’d understand the struggle. This pie has defeated the struggle and has become our go-to when the mood for pizza arises. Well done y’all for making this plant-based (trying) local happy. For more menu options check out their website, Facebook and Instagram.


We always go to the 911 Buchanan Street location. Two other spots to try are 5270 Hickory Hollow in Antioch and Roll Out location at 1006 Buchanan Street in Nashville.

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