We Love Yeast Nashville. From the Bottom of Our Texas roots hearts.

We love Yeast Nashville and their Traditional Bohemian style kolaches. The traditional Czech-style kolaches feature sweet, made from scratch dough and filled with a fruit, cheese, or nut filling. Cherry, Blueberry, Cinnamon Apple, and Cream Cheese are available every day in the shop.


The Czech history of Texas gave so many great things to the culture of Texas. Czech style Beers & pastries top our list because we’re hungry as we type this. That said Czech Immigrants to Texas gave this Czech pastry a twist. Usually filled with fruit t evolved  in Texas when they were made with sausage, cheese and jalapeños. So, now… you can get both kinds at Yeast Nashville.

Follow Yeast Nashville on Facebook & Instagram. Grab yourself a Kolache in East Nashville at 805 Woodland St, Ste 300!

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