Make 2020 the best year ever. Schedule A Class At Shakti Power Yoga!

Make 2020 the best year ever. Find a better path to better health that only Shakti Power Yoga Can Give! Find A Class This Week:

Shakti Power Flow

This heated class is inspired to ignite Shakti, the pure, boundless, creative energy within in each of us. The power vinyasa yoga practice is an invigorating, healing, detoxifying sequence that links movement of the body with the power of the breath. The practice is rooted in Baptiste Power Yoga, created by our teacher Baron Baptiste, and available to all, with modifications and variations of the poses. The practice builds strength, improves flexibility, magnifies your body’s energy, and calms your mind by focusing on the present moment and breath.

Community Power Flow classes are Shakti Power Flow classes for a $6 drop-in.

Shiva Vinyasa

For students newer to yoga or experienced students who wish to reconnect with key elements of their yoga practice, this unheated class focuses on the fundamentals with an emphasis on breath and alignment. Students will be introduced to postures like basic backbends, twists, binds, and have the opportunity for movement, meditation, and relaxation.

Yin Yoga

A style of yoga that focuses on opening the connective tissues in the body, cartilage, ligaments, and joints. Yin Yoga is an unheated class that involves holding deep stretches for longer periods of time – 30 seconds to several minutes – relaxing the body in the poses, and finding stillness. This opening into the deep, dense tissues of the body provides an expanded range of movement, healing and repair, lubrication of the joints, and opportunities for meditation. The energetic meridians of the body are believed to run in line with the body’s connective tissues, allowing you to clear and revitalize energetic pathways from your toes to your fingertips.

Restorative Yoga

Similar to Yin, this unheated restorative class with long holds compliments our Power Flow practice by relieving soreness and accumulated stress, improving posture and awareness of breath, and lengthening specific muscles in order to reestablish their ideal tone. This class offers a nourishing, opening practice that incorporates props such as bolsters, tennis balls, and blocks to facilitate healing, the release of tight muscles, trigger points, and surrounding connective tissues.

Awaken & Unwind

This gentle unheated vinyasa is designed to center, nourish and restore. A sweet slow flow is followed by a luxurious, extended savasana with healing essential oils. Leave feeling clear and refreshed for the week ahead.

Ashtanga Primary Series

This is an advanced, unheated practice and we advise that students have previous experience in vinyasa and/or ashtanga yoga asana. The Primary series as taught by K. Pattabhi Jois is practiced in its entirety at a group pace. This dynamic, precise, and progressive sequencing of yoga postures is accompanied by “free breathing with sound” as described by Sharath Jois. Quickly creating internal strength while resolving mental and structural imbalances this class includes full and half lotus positions, arm balances, back bends, and headstands.

Karma Power Flow 

This is our only 100% cash or check, donation-based class. All of the proceeds from this class are donated to a local or global nonprofit organization whose mission and work inspires us. By attending this class and giving any amount, you are empowering these organizations to continue their work. Check out our blog to learn more about the nonprofits we work with.

Kids Yoga

This unheated class is designed to help create empowered and resilient children through the mindful practice of yoga.
Not only will children learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation; they will also learn about themselves and how they are a contribution.

Kids Yoga is held on Saturdays at noon in the Shiva Room. There is a Shakti Power Flow class that starts at the same time; parents or caregivers are welcome to join the practice downstairs while the little ones practice upstairs.

Foundations of Power

This unheated class was intentionally created to teach the foundations of the power yoga practice. We will breakdown poses to create True North Alignment and each class will have a focus on one of the pillars of the practice; breath, drishti, bandhas, tapas, or vinyasa. This class will empower you to create a strong, safe, and sustainable practice. Great for all levels and especially new yogis!

First Wednesday of every month at 6:15pm.


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