Changing How You Eat Vegan, Nashville’s Own: Radical Rabbit!

Radical Rabbit sells vegan soul food around Nashville through a pop-up concept. At Radical Rabbit, the focus is on providing progressive, natural, and revolutionary food to all people. Including YOU.

From Mariah at Radical Rabbit:

“Here at Radical Rabbit, we focus on keeping it real: progressive, natural, and revolutionary. We do that with Earth-based Products and Plant-based food. The food is soulful and taste amazing. The products are high quality and effective. Rad Rab is proud to say that everything is, and always will be, all natural and cruelty free. Rad Rab was created by Mariah, (Muva Tofu) a Dope. Black. Vegan. mom living in Nashville, TN

 What does Radical do? Radical Rabbit sells fresh vegan soul food plates and delivers them around town. We also do pop ups and host events. Following us on social media is the quickest way to find out where we are!

Why three pickup locations? We try to make getting our food as easy and quick as possible for our customers. This is the most efficient way we’ve found so far.”

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