The Fox Bar & Cocktail club Favorites! What will you choose?

Below are a few of The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club’s favorite menu items. Click here to view the full menu!

FOX DAIQUIRI • A Blend Of Appleton Reserve, Rhum Clément, & El Dorado 5 Rums, Lime Stock, Pineapple Skins, Sea Salt, Sugar, Lime Oil

LEFT HANDED BANANA • Belle Meade Bourbon, Banana, Cocchi Americano Rosa, Bruto Americano, Chocolate Bitters, Angostura Bitters, Olive & Sinclair Dark Chocolate

HOT CHICKEN HUMMUS • Chickpeas, Garlic, Hot Chicken Spices, Olive Oil, Honey. Served With Baguette & Veggies (Contains No Meat)

MISO DEVILED EGGS • Sesame Oil, Sriracha, Pickled Radish, Black Sesame, Green Onion

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